Disney Mary Cat, Stitch, Toy Story and other new series of popular products are

Date:2021/6/18 2:56:46 Read:191

For the Chinese student stationery Jiahong Weiye Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd., we signed three new cartoon license contracts with Disney Company in the United States. After the two famous brands of Mickey and Princess, we won the trust of Disney again, and obtained the production and sales authorization of three classic Disney cartoons: Mary Cat, Stitch and Toy Story.

Since Disney Mickey joined Jiahong in 2020, Disney student stationery has held a crucial leadership position in the Chinese market with strong promotion. Not only has it promoted the cooperation and complementary advantages of excellent local Chinese enterprises and world-renowned brands in jointly exploring the Chinese market, but it has also opened up stable and long-term sales channels for Disney's stationery market. As a result, it has gained double trust from Disney in the United States and gradually authorized its classic brands such as Princess to join forces.

The successful introduction of three classic cartoon brands, Mary Cat, Stitch, and Toy Story, not only enriches the product hierarchy of stationery, but also forms a favorable situation for high and medium level full line attacks; It will also greatly expand the audience of Lianzhong Stationery and create better performance for Jiahong Company and Disney Company!

The introduction and sound operation of new brands will inevitably greatly affect and promote the development, production, marketing, quality and management level of the company, and will be more helpful to promote the development of Private label to a higher level. We will leverage our own strength to fully leverage our strengths in research and development, manufacturing, management, and other areas, follow established policies, and promote the implementation of cooperation projects with a planned and targeted approach.

At present, the new products of the three classic cartoon brands, Mary Cat, Stitch, and Toy Story, have been sampled and put into production, and will be grandly launched in 2021. Jiahong will explore new sales markets for the new series of products nationwide, which will trigger a super storm in the sales of college students' stationery in 2021!