The globally leading SAP system helps Jiahong go global

Date:2021/5/30 0:38:02 Read:205

In today's increasingly competitive market economy environment, the fact that informatization, as a core competitiveness of modern enterprises, can bring comprehensive performance breakthroughs to enterprises has long been widely recognized. Jiahong Stationery has always paid attention to the input of informatization. It is one of the first batch to pass the ISO international quality system certification, the first batch to successfully import the ERP (Enterprise resource planning) management system, and the first batch to successfully import and apply the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system in the industry; Passed ISO14000 international environmental quality certification.

However, with the intensification of competition in the stationery market, the continuous growth of company size, and the rapid increase in sales, the original information system is no longer able to meet the growing needs of Lianzhong. Therefore, the company's senior management made a forward-looking and decisive decision to cooperate with German SAP company in mid-2021 and fully launch the SAP online project.

SAP (systems applications and products in data processing) is a software used for Enterprise resource planning (ERP) management. At present, it is the first ERP software in the world. SAP R/3 is an integrated Enterprise resource planning system based on client/server structure and open system. Its functions cover enterprise finance, logistics (engineering design, procurement, inventory, production, sales and quality) and human resource management FreeEIM business workflow system and internet application link functions, among other aspects.

Jiahong is expected to fully launch this system within six months, with the cooperation of SAP, the world's largest ERP software supplier. The application of this system not only plays an immeasurable role in promoting the sustainable development of enterprises, but also marks a new level of informationization construction in the entire industry. With the help of SAP to complete the company's information transformation, Jiahong will improve the support for internal system operation, greatly enhance work efficiency, and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise. The construction of enterprise information technology is a necessary path for contemporary enterprises to succeed and an invincible position in the increasingly fierce competition in the future. Looking forward to SAP bringing a qualitative leap to Lianzhong, and looking forward to China's stationery industry going global